Feeling too busy or even overwhelmed? When's the last time you got still inside and centered?

Stillness is key to having insights and forging winning strategies. So how can you get still inside in the midst of constant change?

Join Us for "Five-Minute Mindfulness: Practices To Boost Your Top & Bottom Line" Free Online Event!

Tuesday February 12th
10 AM PT/ 12 PM CT/ 1 PM ET
20 Minutes + 5 Minutes Live Q&A

In this free online event, you will discover how to use proven mindfulness techniques to create consistent positive results in your business and in life. Using these tools, you will become fully connected to who you truly are and who you've always dreamed of becoming. 

You will walk away with 2 proven neuroscience-based processes that will bring you total inner peace in 5 minutes. We will also discuss:

  • Why inner stillness is crucial for leaders in growth and change scenarios
  • How to replenish and recharge your mental, emotional and physical energy in minutes 
  • How to expand your capacity to lead more effectively and create teams that are more engaged, productive and accountable
  • How to achieve more fulfillment and richness in your life which will result in making better decisions, in life and in business. 
  • How to experience more meaning and fulfillment in your life and make better decisions

The benefits of mindfulness have been well-documented by researchers at Harvard, Yale, the University of Miami and many more...

“I’ve been working on expanding my awareness, personal power, and inner stillness for many years. By working with Christine, I learned remarkable things about energy, how it works, how to direct it, how to harness it for better communication and human/business relationships. I now feel more connected to nature and my energy field and I'm more confident about how to manage my energy. This weekend was a transformational leadership experience!
          CFO of a top Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm

“These three days transformed my thinking in areas where I have been stuck for years - and I view the investment in myself as the best ROI I've ever received. The environment offers the opportunity to build life-lasting loving relationships with yourself and others. I highly recommend STI's BTB Retreat to any executive that wants to experience their life in a much bigger way than they knew was ever possible.
           Senior Executive, World's Largest Professional Services Firm 


Join Us for "Five-Minute Mindfulness: Practices To Boost Your Top & Bottom Line" Free Online Event!

Tuesday February 12th
10 AM PT / 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET
20 Minutes + 5 Minutes Live Q&A