Conscious Leaders Tribe

Conscious leaders are authentic and want to use their total awareness to elevate people, foster transformation, and achieve performance beyond profits

Conscious leaders genuinely care for their teams… not just their work lives, but their whole lives.  

Conscious leaders eschew the traditional, intimidating form of leadership and embrace integrity, unity and trust.  

And conscious leaders are very, very successful both financially and in personal fulfillment and happiness. 

Are you a Conscious Leader? (Or do you want to be?) Join the Conscious Leaders Tribe (CLT) today.

What is the CLT?

The CLT is a community of like-minded professionals who embrace the Conscious Leadership philosophy and want to connect with other leaders with similar values, experiences and challenges, in a forum of open collaboration and learning. Leaders will learn to improve their… 

  • Ability to be present with themselves, with others, in any situation
  • Focus, significantly
  • Energy levels
  • Inner peace—regardless of what is happening outside
  • Ability to navigate change and conflict with clarity and ease
  • Ability to communicate and to engage, enroll, align their teams

Who moderates the CLT?

The meetings are led and organized by Christine Comaford of SmartTribes Institute. Read more about Christine’s background here.

When does the CLT meet?

The CLT gathers once per month in an online meeting for 55 minutes. Our next call will be December 19th [4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET].

What is the cost to join the CLT?

Y ou can pay $30 per meeting or sign up for a year (12 sessions) for $300.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • CLT members are expected to maintain confidentiality, so leaders can feel free to share openly during the calls
  • Calls will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can access the recording

Recording links or online meeting information is for CLT members only—thanks for honoring this.

Our next call will be December 19th [4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET] for 55 mins!

Join us!

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